Why to worry if missed the dosage!!

This is as simple as that, if you ever missed the dosage consumption slab which your doctor has prescribed you as you can continue the regular dosage by the next dosage itself.

Due to busy schedules and lot of problem in our daily lives sometimes due to stress and depression we are unable to continue with the regular slab time/ dosage or even sometimes miss the continuous intake of the drug but this quiet often so the manufacturing company ‘Pfizer’ has produced the drug keeping in mind the human tendency.

Instead honesty speaking, this oral drug is fine when compared to the other options available as a cure for erectile dysfunction. Planning for survey would be very painful experiences which will be require time for getting okay as well. Survey is not easy as after survey there are lots many precautions which should be undertaken. 

If you have any heart problem then make sure to take care of the precautions which your doctors recommends you, the reason is that the heat problem are related to severe troubles and easygoingness can be difficult.

Very important thing is before visiting your doctor you should describe about your problems completely without any feeling shy. In case your penis size is inappropriate then you should anyhow ensure to discuss it your doctor.

Viagra is not a women capsule nor for under age – if your age is can falling below 18 years as body is not developed completely and taking extensive dosage of the sexual tablets be serious cause of problem.

Viagra is very effective pill which doesn’t have any problem with the pregnancy factors. It will help your penis functioning nicely so you can enjoy larger duration of erection. But this drug should be taken under medical prescription only. So you have safe sex and good physical time too. You can keep your tablet where you want and as per your convenience.

 Viagra is basically kept on medical store and homes at the normal room temperature but away from high level of moisture to avoid the freezing of the components. Further as recommended in regular pills this is equally necessary to check the expiry and near expiry of the tablet. While taking the buying decision you can check the website information for suitable offers and discounts. But don’t forget to buy the Viagra pills from legal/authentic site only so that there are no chances for miss-happening with you and with your family.

Viagra Effects and its Functioning

Viagra was the very first ED aiding drug launch nearly 6 years back. It was initiated as the impotence aiding drug as oral medication pill. It was fixed to upkeep the erectile dysfunction in men under any condition with almost efficient result. Viagra works in the simpler way it works on the tissues and veins those are deprive of the blood ration by increasing the blood circulation in all parts of body and majorly in the in the arteries of the penis by facilitating the penis in becoming more harder and stiffed. And therefore supports the penis to retain higher level of erection for a longer period of time.

For the starter it is always recommended to start with the first slab dosage only i.e. with 100mg dosage which acts moderately with the body and after than with 250mg dosage and later with 500mg dosage. As similar incase of other pain killers the Viagra dosage recommendation is also from lower to higher slabs the very reason is that the body adjust primarily with the lower mg ratio then with the greater with the mg ratio. The other important thing is that, the side-effects are just equivalent to normal other pain killers only. While the just the same whether you intake 100 mg, 250 mg or 500 mg dosage.

Viagra is quiet efficient with every men body. The efficiency ratios are also alike. If we discuss about the efficiency scale of 100, 250 and 500 mg then it various between 20-25% of the dosage.

The other good news for those who skip meals is that, Viagra doesn’t influenced with no meal or no empty stomach but you should ensure that you have taken meals at least 2-3 hours or a timely meal but don’t have this practice a habit. Viagra doesn’t effects the functioning of brain i.e. the neurological efficiency in any way. It only increases the blood flow ratio from brain to penis whereby increasing the higher control level in terms of developing the physical power in bed with partner.

  • Viagra was introduced as the foremost oral drug to cure impotence problem in men before this there was no external solution available to cure ED problem in men.
  • Viagra functions by increasing the blood transmission ratio in-between the part body by making no-efforts.
  • No maintenance in terms of extra cost and brain involvement.
  • The result improvement can be seen with the dosage slab rates – 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg and so on……….

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